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Process and details about our frozen food

At Delifood Group we care about our products. It is a priority for us; we not only care about  presenting the best nutrients in our food, but also about how we carry out all our internal processes. We have a specialized team in charge of monitoring every detail that involves the production of our food, such as pre-cooked, frozen fruit pulp as well as refrigerated fruit.

Hygiene in our facilities is a main priority for us; that is why we train all our employees with all necessary sanitary standards for optimal performance. The use of masks, gloves, and aprons are basic and essential norms; as well as an adequate hygiene routine that involves the constant washing of hands every time they leave their workplace and return. On the other hand, it is also essential to highlight that once the product is ready, it is well organized and stored in refrigerators at an ideal temperature that guarantees its conservation, flavor, and nutrients.

After complying with the basic health standards, we move on to a second stage of the process where we focus clearly on the product, thus taking care of each ingredient that will be used within our recipes, thinking about every detail and benefits that the food we offer will bring to you as final consumers. For these reasons, we use only 100% natural supplies, without chemicals, preservatives or dyes, thus contributing to healthy eating and good habits.

Delifood Group is a reliable supplier that delivers products to restaurants, supermarkets, bars and, most importantly, to thousands of homes that love and enjoy making recipes with our delicious and natural products. We are the perfect option to enjoy a good family meal, a Sunday lunch or just to hang out with friends.

It’s time to cook with Delifood!