Delifood Blog | Light Mango Smoothie
Light Mango Smoothie

Feeling like having a light nutritious mango smoothie? We got the right recipe for you. This refreshing, simple to make smoothie is a perfect dairy-free healthy snack for any time of your day.

The flavor from the mango shines when paired with the citrus of the orange and sweetness from the banana. It is simple, wholesome, and downright delicious.

Ingredients needed:

  • Delifood mango pulp carafe 
  • Orange Juice
  • Fresh banana

The best advice for making a creamy smoothie is to put the liquid ingredients into the blender first. This allows the blade of your blender to be able to spin efficiently and evenly blend together the ingredients of the smoothie.

The last ingredient to go into the blender should be the banana, you could cut them into little chunks. 

For a creamier texture and in up to ½ cup plain non-dairy or regular yogurt.

For a more nuanced flavor, use canned coconut milk for half of the orange juice.

If you would like a sweeter smoothie, be sure to use ripe bananas or add in 1 tablespoon of honey or maple syrup.

With these tips we assure you one of the best smoothies you’ll ever have.