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Delifood corn cakes

We have a new incredible product with us for you to enjoy, and that is corn cake or arepas. We have white corn cake, corn cake with cheese and corn cassava cake.  

These corn cakes are perfectly yummy when they are right off the griddle and sprinkled with a little salt. But there are also many ingredients that will let you mix it up a bit for an incredible tasty meal.  You can add avocado, sour cream, butter or even a special homemade sauce. 

Keep in mind that arepas are a great side dish for almost any meal, but they can also make a whole meal, it just depends what you add to them. 

For example, take a corn cake and cut it so that you can stuff them with whatever you want. We suggest adding some chicken, meat or even beans. It can be very similar to an omelette, so use your imagination to add more flavour to whichever corn cake you prefer. 

Let us know which one is your favorite and feel free to share your recipes with us on instagram @delifoodgroup