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Benefits of Fava Beans

Source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Fava Beans are considered as spring food. You can enjoy them in many presentations, such as frozen, cooked or dried. These legumes are green in color and belong to the Vicia Faba species of Asian origin. They are characterized by containing a high amount of fiber that is quite effective in improving intestinal health, eliminating toxins and preventing constipation.

By consuming this type of fresh legumes you will be able to maintain a stable and balanced weight based on natural fibers and vegetable proteins. However, eating a balanced diet  which includes  white meats, fruits and other legumes will help with fat burning; on the other hand, maintaining cholesterol levels will be easier since beans  will protect your heart due to its high source of minerals and iron.

Folic acid is also included in the group  of vitamins fava beans offer, which are quite necessary for metabolism and to keep us active and energized during the day. In turn they will also provide vitamin A that renews the skin cells and will make us look a little more radiant.

After reading all of the above, you will surely be considering including fava beans in your family basket. We recommend to be careful when choosing them, make sure they creak or break when you touch them, so you will know their freshness and of course their characteristic green color. We offer the best selection of fava beans, since we produce them daily on our farms.

Make sure to include them in your regular diet, take advantage of the summer, and enjoy this natural ingredient in different recipes.