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In the world of Latin American cuisine, the key to creating unforgettable dishes lies in the authenticity and quality of the ingredients. For chefs and food enthusiasts alike, sourcing these essential elements can sometimes prove challenging. However, there’s good news on the horizon: the emergence of a dedicated distributor specializing in authentic Latin American ingredients. This distributor not only offers a diverse range of high-quality products but also ensures that every dish bursts with the genuine flavors of the region.

Latin American products distributor sources ingredients from Colombian cornfields.

The Benefits of Delifood: Latin American Products Distributor

One of the primary benefits of Delifood is the assurance of authenticity. Each product is carefully sourced from our premium cornfields in Colombia, then, witness the transformation in our kitchens, where skilled hands craft this corn into the soulful flavors of Almojábana, Pandebono, Pandeyuca, and Buñuelo. Those products are marketed in 17 U.S states, guaranteeing that the flavors and ingredients remain true to their origins. In that sense, chefs can trust that they’re working with genuine ingredients that capture the essence of Latin American cuisine.

Furthermore, the Delifood’s commitment to quality is unwavering. Rigorous quality control measures are implemented at every stage of the supply chain, from sourcing to delivery. This ensures that only the freshest and finest ingredients make their way into the hands of chefs and food enthusiasts. By maintaining strict standards, Delifood not only upholds the integrity of the products but also elevates the overall culinary experience for those who rely on them.

Latin American products distributor offers Almojábana and other authentic foods.

Convenience is also a key advantage of sourcing from Delifood. Through efficient logistics and reliable delivery services, chefs and food enthusiasts can access authentic Latin American ingredients with ease through 17 U.S states of operation. This streamlines the procurement process and ensures that ingredients are readily available whenever inspiration strikes.

In addition to those advantages that Delifood offers as Latin American Frozen Food Distributor, the fact of commercializing frozen foods has a significantly longer shelf life compared to fresh foods, thanks to the freezing process that preserves their quality and nutrients. Commercial freezing processes often involve rapid freezing techniques that help retain the nutritional content of fruits, vegetables, meats, and other food items. This means that consumers can enjoy frozen foods with confidence, knowing that they are still receiving essential vitamins and minerals. At the same time, This extended shelf life reduces food waste and allows consumers to keep a variety of options on hand without worrying about spoilage.

Another important aspect about commercializing frozen foods is the affordability they have in comparison with their fresh counterparts, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers. Additionally, buying frozen foods in bulk or taking advantage of promotions and discounts can lead to further cost savings over time.

Delifood prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing excellent service and support. This includes responsive customer service channels, efficient delivery options, and a commitment to addressing customer feedback and concerns.

Also this company is committed to sustainability and ethical business practices. This includes sourcing ingredients responsibly, minimizing environmental impact throughout the supply chain, and supporting local communities and farmers.

Delifoood embraces innovation to stay competitive in the food industry. This includes introducing new products, adapting to changing consumer preferences, and continuously improving processes to enhance product quality and efficiency.

Additionally, this frozen food company boasts a team of experienced professionals with deep knowledge and expertise in the food industry. This allows the company to stay ahead of trends, anticipate market demands, and maintain its reputation as a trusted food supplier.

Variety is another standout feature offered by Delifood. With a diverse range of products such as arepas, roots, soup, grains, plantain, fruit pulp, sorbets, frozen bakery, and more, chefs have access to an extensive selection to enhance their culinary creations. Whether preparing traditional dishes or experimenting with fusion cuisine, the abundance of options allows for endless creativity in the kitchen.


We are committed to meet our customers expectations by providing a wide variety of products and presentations, reliable distribution and the best quality standards that assure natural, delicious and nutrition options. We have among a variety of frozen fruits and tubers options to frozen bakery and typical Colombian or Latin American dishes that are known as the most delicious and unique meals worldwide and customers can enjoy them being a citizen of the United States. 

There is the portfolio that was established in 2009 when Delifood operations were launched on the market and which has been updated through those 14 years of management:

  1. FRUIT PULP POUCH: Mango, guava, blackberry, papaya, pineapple, passion fruit, soursop, naranjilla/lulo, strawberry, tamarillo/tomate de árbol. 

Ideal for juices, shakes, smoothies, ice creams, desserts, cocktails

  1. FRUIT PULP CARAFE: Mango, blackberry, passion fruit, soursop/ guanábana, naranjilla/lulo, strawberry, guava, papaya, acai, banana passion fruit, Horchata, Coconut lemonade, hibiscus flower, lime/lemon, mamey, pineapple. 

Ideal for juices, shakes, smoothies, ice creams, desserts, cocktails

  1. AREPAS: White corn cake, corn cake with cheese, cheese stuffed cassava cakes, corn cake filled with cheese.

Ideal for arepa sandwiches, arepa toppings, arepa pizzas and arepa desserts.

  1. ROOTS: Yellow cassavas/arracache and yellow potatoes

Ideal for Roasted Root Vegetable Medley, Root Vegetable Mash, Root Vegetable Salad

  1. YUCA: Ideal for sides, snacks, entrees, soups

Ideal for Yuca fries, Yuca Msh, Yuca empanadas and Yuca soup

  1. SOUP MIX: Ajiaco soup or Sancocho soup
  2. GRAINS: Frozen beans, Frozen Fava Beans. 

Ideal for entrees or soups

  1. PLANTAIN BASED: Fried hawaiian plantains and Sweet Plantains. 

Ideal for sides or appetizers. 

  1. REFRIGERATED FRUIT: Guava, Maracuya / passion fruit, mango, tamarind, acai, blackberry, mamey, guanábana. 

Ideal for juices, shakes, smoothies, ice creams, desserts, cocktails

  1. FROZEN FRUITS. Blackberry, guanabana, lulo, maracuyá, guava, tomate de árbol. 

Ideal for juices, shakes, smoothies, ice creams, desserts, cocktails. 

  1. FROZEN FRUIT BUCKET: Maracuya, guanabana, mamey, lulo, pineapple, papaya, strawberry. 

Ideal for juices, shakes, smoothies, ice creams, desserts, cocktails.

  1. SORBET: Acai, guanábana, fresa, Maracuya,

Ideal for sorbet sundae, sorbet tart and sorbet float

  1. FROZEN BAKERY: Cheese fritter puff, colombian bread, cheese bread, cassava cheese bread and cheese sticks.

Ideal for croissant and cookie dough

  1. SAUSAGE: Chorizo cervecero premium.

Ideal for: Pepper sandwiches, pasta, egg breakfast, mushroom risotto

Testimonials or reviews. What do our customers say?

  1. “Bonnie Tolbet says: Delifoods frozen fruit pulps, especially passion fruit and soursop, have been a hit. Customers love the authentic taste and quality!”
  2. “Sara Albert says: Incorporating Delifoods pandebonos and acai sorbet into our menu has delighted our patrons. Truly exceptional flavors that bring Latin cuisine to life.”
  3. “Mike Smith says: ¡Los productos de Delifood, especialmente la yuca frita, han revolucionado mi cocina en casa ! sabor auténtico y calidad insuperable!”
Frozen Food Distributor

Founded over a decade ago, Delifood specializes in high-quality frozen Latin food products. Our passion is to bring authentic flavors and convenience to every table in America.


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